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Phillips Law Offices, personal injury and elder abuse attorneys. Trusted and skilled trial lawyers with "Big City Experience, Small Town Service ". We strive to provide unmatched personal service not found in larger more impersonal law firms. to We help clients in Nevada County including Nevada City, Grass Valley and Truckee. Placer County including Roseville, Rocklin and Auburn. We also accept select matters in Yuba County, Butte County, Sutter County, Sierra County and El Dorado County.


"Big City Experience, Small Town Service."

 At the Phillips Law Offices we represent real people, not claim numbers. And unlike some firms that represent both insurance companies and individuals, we represent only individuals and families. That's because we believe in keeping insurance companies honest.

My name is Michael Phillips and in my 25 years as a courtroom lawyer I have dedicated my career to fighting for fairness and justice for real people, not corporations or the government. I am very proud of that fact.

Phillips Law Offices is a small trial litigation law firm that represents individuals and families throughout Nevada County, Placer County and surrounding communities. Because we are a small litigation law firm, we take only a select number of cases at any one time. The reason we limit the number of cases is so we can strive to provide unparalleled personal service. That's why we say, " Big City Experience, Small Town Service".

When a family member has suffered serious injury or even death, because of another’s reckless behavior or negligence, justice demands that large corporations, insurance companies and individuals be held fully accountable. When insurance companies offer ‘low ball’ settlements, reduce the claim or even deny any coverage, feel free to call us and we will give you an honest appraisal of the matter and explain your options. No ‘legalese’- just plain talk. Also, we know how important a ‘good fit’ is and if we are not the best attorney for you, we will do our utmost to refer you to the person who is.

We handle all types of personal injury cases with a focus on elder abuse. Feel free to call me with any questions you may have at 530-265-0186.

Warm regards,

Michael Phillips





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Areas of Practice

Nursing Home Neglect

The unimaginable has happened. Your loved one was abused by a care giver or neglected while in a nursing home facility’s care. Discovering abuse only compounds the distressing feelings around placing a loved one into a nursing home or care facility. But you’re not alone, an elder abuse attorney can help you get the justice your family member and loved one deserves, and hopefully stop it from happening again.

vehicle injury

Over the years, we have learned there is no such thing as a generic vehicle or pedestrian collision as every type of vehicle crash or pedestrian injury may have unique rules of fault and mechanics of injury. If the collision involved a big-rig or bus, there are federal laws in addition to state laws which must be considered, so it is important to find a road and highway injury attorney familiar with each type of claim. Also, almost every vehicle accident involves one or more insurance companies: car insurance, health insurance and possibly third party liability insurance. Coverage issues and exclusions can be very important in road and highway litigation.


Car Collisions

Big Rig & Truck Collision

Injured by a DUI Driver

Motorcycle Collisions

Pedestrian Injuries

Bicycle Accidents


Elder abuse and neglect

No matter what the causes are for the abuse, elder abuse is illegal. In 1987, the U.S. Congress passed the Nursing Home Reform Act (NHRA), which includes the Nursing Home Residents' Bill of Rights. It is the foundation of elder law, the legal practice area dedicated to protecting seniors. This law was intended to protect the quality of life for residents of nursing homes and improve the quality of care provided by their caregivers.

personal injury

When someone is seriously injured in any type of accident it is a tragedy, but when the injury or death could have been avoided because of another's negligence, it's unacceptable. You won't see us on T.V., but you will see us in court fighting against companies and individuals whose negligence or misconduct causes injury and even death to innocent victims. Although, large personal injury firms have their place and can accomplish good results, they may not be for everyone. We are a small trial litigation firm, that limits the number of cases at any one time, so that we may provide supportive and personalized service. if you want your case handled by the attorney in the 'firm name' and not an associate or legal assistant, feel free to give us a call.

Fatal Injury

Injuries on Public Land

Injuries of Private property

Recreational Accidents

Dog Bite

Injured by a DUI Driver

financial elder abuse

Financial abuse is the theft or embezzlement of money or any other property from an elder. It can be as simple as taking money from a wallet and as complex as manipulating a victim into turning over
property to an abuser. This form of abuse can be devastating because an elder victim’s life savings can disappear in the blink of an eye, leaving them unable to provide for their needs and afraid of what an uncertain tomorrow will bring.

workers injury

Construction accident litigation is Usually quite complicated, is there is almost always several parties who may be responsible for the injury. As a safe, responsible construction worker, you understand the dangers of your work site. You're trained to follow safety protocols and use the right safety equipment at all times. Most people would not dispute the fact that construction workers have very dangerous jobs. In fact, statistics show one of the most dangerous jobs in America. Because of this construction employees are protected by state and federal workplace safety rules and regulations. Unfortunately, you or a family member can still end up suffering he serious injury while on the job, even though they did everything right.

Construction Site Accidents

Construction Site Fatal Injury

Social Security Disability Claims and Appeals


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