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Diabetes Care

Diabetes is a disease that happens when the pancreas
has stopped making insulin and this affects the person’s
blood sugar level. There are different types of diabetes
and each needs to be cared for differently, Type I
diabetics need daily insulin shots, Type II diabetics take
pill form medication and pre-diabetics do not use
medication to control the condition, but must monitor their
diet. Each of these types of diabetics for good health need
to eat a special diet that does not include any amount or
type of sugar. The elderly diabetic normally depends on
the family or licensed care taker to monitor and control
their diabetic condition.

The Specifics of Diabetes Mismanagement
When a elderly person is no longer able to care for
themselves the family may place them in a Sacramento
area nursing home where the nursing home staff can
manage their diabetes. When proper management of
diabetes does not happen the nursing home is guilty of
diabetes mismanagement. The mismanagement of
diabetes is serious and can have serious health
consequences for the elderly nursing home patient
including death. The facility that is negligent of the
mismanagement of the elderly residents diabetes, it is also
possible they will suffer from dehydration and malnutrition
and are two of the factors in the mismanagement of

The Effects of Diabetes Mismanagement
The effects of diabetes mismanagement and if the elderly
nursing home resident has either Type I diabetes or Type
II diabetes the negligent approach to their care can have
very high health risks including:

•        The failure to maintain proper blood glucose levels
that can result in other major health issues as a result
improper administration of insulin or medication and
providing the proper foods.

•        Nerve damage that can damage motor skills or
     result in other painful conditions

•        Blindness, complete or partial loss of sight

•        Infections that result in amputation

•        Major stroke

•        Cardiac arrest or massive heart attack

•        Diabetic coma

•        Kidney failure or kidney disease

Where to Turn After Mismanagement of Diabetes
The place to turn after an elderly loved one has suffered
mismanagement of diabetes in a Sacramento nursing
home is to the experienced elder abuse and neglect
attorney. The Sacramento area nursing home is
responsible for the proper care of the elderly patient and
to properly maintain the diabetic condition and when they
do not the elderly nursing home residents suffers the
consequences. When the proper diabetes management is
not provided for your elderly loved one action needs to be
taken. The Phillips Law Group is dedicated to protecting
the elderly and their rights.