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Fall Injury

Falls and accidents are a serious concern for almost all care
facility residents.  Approximately 50 percent of residents fall
annually and 10 percent of these falls result in serious injury,
particularly hip fractures. One study estimates that 75% of all
nursing home residents will suffer from a fall, which is
twice the
rate of falls for the same population living at home.

Even a single fall can be serious. The elderly nursing home
resident that falls just one time can have injuries that will last the
rest of their life. A fall that the elderly man or woman can suffer
can cause fractures, broken bones spinal cord injuries, traumatic
brain injuries, injuries to the appendages and can result in death.  

To prevent falls, nursing home residents must be adequately
assessed upon admission, and that assessment must be updated
if the resident's condition changes in a manner that might
increase the risk of falling. Addressing a resident who is
considered a fall risk requires an interdisciplinary approach,
including addressing risk factors or medical conditions that might
contribute to falls, making sure residents can move around
without obstacles, or including fall prevention devises such as
bed alarms, tab alarms, or even lowering the bed. Nursing homes
and other types of care facilities must examine risk factors which
cause falls and accidents and take these steps to limit the risks:

•        Keep the resident environment as free of accident hazards
    as possible

•        Give each resident adequate supervision to prevent

•        Use assistive devices to help improve resident safety

If a resident has fallen or been injured or is considered to be at
risk, his or her care plan must individually address this concern
and identify steps that will be taken to improve safety.

At The Phillips Law Group we have a complete understanding of
the duty of care which nursing home and other rehabilitative or
care facilities owe to you or a loved one in preventing fall
incidents. The elderly person often has problems walking and
maintaining balance and it can be difficult when in poor health.
They concentrate on each step and it is difficult for the elderly
person to look for wet floors, holes, uneven floors and other
obstacles. The nursing home and workers are responsible to
provide a safe environment for the elderly nursing home
residents and this includes the entire premises including hallways.

Most elderly nursing home patients are in fragile condition and
repetitive falls can seriously affect their health. It is the
responsibility of the nursing home to prevent these type of
accidents from happening and when they don’t it is negligence.
When an elderly nursing home patient is the victim of repetitive
falls it is a clear indication that the nursing home is not a safe or
healthy environment.

Contacting The Phillips Law Group: Repetitive Fall

When an elderly family member is the victim of nursing home
repetitive falls it is either negligent supervision by the nursing
home staff or an unsafe nursing home facility. This can result in
severe injuries for the elderly nursing home resident or in a
wrongful death due to negligence. The nursing home needs to be
held responsible for their negligent care of the elderly patient. At
the Phillips Law Office we will fight hard to hold them responsible
for this type of negligence and protect the elderly patients rights
to live in a safe environment.

If you believe a care facility did not properly protect against the
risk of fall or plan or execute a fall-prevention plan for a family
member or a loved one, please feel free to call me to answer any
questions you may have.