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Local Grass Valley Car Accident Lawyers- helping individuals hurt in auto accidents. Phillips Law Offices is law firm emphasizing close personal contact with our clients. Time is critical, to speak with a car crash injury attorney call (530) 265-0186. Helping families and individuals hurt in car accidents in all of Nevada County including Grass Valley.

The Phillips Law Offices is a local litigation firm emphasizing car accident litigation. We know that a Grass Valley auto accident can turn your life upside down in a split second. Who will pay for medical bills and any prescriptions, physical therapy, rehabilitation or extended treatments? Who will pay for the damage to your car, or replace it? What about missed work? What should you do if the insurance people call? What of the motorcycle collision resulted in permanent disability, brain injury or tragically, in a death? Where do you start and how you handle it all?

According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration: Fatal crashes have decreased over the last 20 years, averaging 1.13 fatalities per 100 million miles of travel in 2009. Driver injuries have also decreased over time, 6.3% (2008-2009) Fatalities of occupants of autos declined by 22.7% (1975 - 1992) and 26.8% (1992-2009). Occupant injuries went down 13.6% (1988 - 1992) and 40% (1992 - 2009). In 2009, more than 95% of all vehicles in crashes were passenger cars or light trucks.

It is encouraging that the statistics for auto collision fatalities and injuries have gone down considerably in the last 20 years. However, there were still more than 5.5 million motor vehicle crashes in the United States (and these are just the ones reported by police). Of those collisions, 2.22 million people were injured and 33,808 people lost their lives. The simple use of a seatbelt saved over 12,000 lives, but another 3600 would have been saved if the occupants had buckled up. (Source - NHTSA 2009 Traffic Safety Facts).

However auto accidents still often result in catastrophic injury, permanent disability and even death. The following factors all contribute to these types of accidents.

  • Weather
  • Road conditions (such as damaged road surfaces or broken traffic lights)
  • Distracted driving, texting. talking on a cell phone, eating, putting on makeup
  • Aggressive driving, reckless driving (such as passing on the shoulder and speeding)
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Traveling too fast for conditions (weather, roadwork)
  • Unfamiliarity with the roadway
  • Bad driving decisions
  • Fatigue/falling asleep
  • Vehicle performance  
  • Allowing pets in the lap of the driver

Compensation for a Grass Valley Auto Accident
Compensation includes repairs to property damage, medical expenses and physical and psychological pain. Insurance adjusters usually use a formula to come up with a dollar amount of compensation.

An auto accident attorney is an important factor which may determine the outcome of your claim. Every claim is different, and must be evaluated on an individual basis, so the information provided here is for general informative purposes only, as it simplifies complex legal issues. It is not intended to be legal advice. For information about your specific claim, please contact an auto accident attorney to evaluate your situation.

As consumer justice attorneys, Phillips Law Offices is dedicated to assisting and fighting for individuals who have been injured, disabled or had a family member killed in all types of vehicle or pedestrian crashes in Nevada County, Placer County and the Gold Country area. We offer legal help and assistance in auto, truck, bus, motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian cases. We are a local firm emphasizing personal contact with our clients.