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Infection in nursing home and care facility residents is,
unfortunately, an all-too common occurrence.  In many
cases, infection is preventable, and, even when an
infection is unavoidable the infection can remain in-check
and the resident can recover quickly with proper medical

When an infection goes unaddressed, the body attempts
to remove the infection and initiate the healing process
through a process called inflammation.  Inflammation
causes redness, swelling, pain, tenderness, heat, and
disturbed function of the infected area of the body.  When
the degree of infection gets severe, the infection will
spread to the body's blood system and an inflammatory
response will occur throughout the body's blood system.  

When inflammation occurs in the body's blood system, the
condition is known as sepsis.  If sepsis becomes severe
enough where blood can no longer deliver oxygen and
nutrients to the body's organs, septic shock will set in and
cause multiple organ failure and death.
Care facilities must establish and maintain an effective
infection control program that is designed to provide a
safe, sanitary, and comfortable environment for their
residents and help prevent the development and
transmission of disease and infection.

Nursing home and elder care facilities must also be
designed, constructed, equipped, and maintained in a
manner to protect the health and safety of residents,
personnel, and the general public.
When a nursing home or care facility fails to properly
execute an effective infection control program, its
residents and patients are prone to suffer infections which
can lead to serious illness and even death.