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Lack of Proper Care

Residents of elder care facilities are, for the most part,
dependent on others for basic necessities such as food,
shelter, and medical treatment.  

Not having all or some of those basic needs met can be
harmful or dangerous to a resident.  Therefore, failure to
provide services, such as food, treatment, clothing,
shelter, supervision, or medical services, which are
necessary or essential to the health and well-being of a
resident, constitutes lack of proper care for that
individual, which is considered to be a form of elder

Proper care is not only essential to maintain the physical
well-being of a nursing home or care facility resident, it is
also vital to keep a resident's mental health in balance. If
a care facility resident feels that his or her basic needs
are not being met, he or she can become depressed,
withdrawn, or even feel abandoned, which can lead to a
rapid decline in his or her overall health.

When a nursing home or care facility fails to properly care
for its residents, to whom they owe a contractual and
legal duty to provide basic needs, they can be held
legally accountable. Our team of experienced attorneys
and professional legal staff has a complete understanding
not only of the laws governing proper care, but of all laws
and regulations involved in litigating elder care facility