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You may have suffered injuries from an auto collision, and not sure where to turn for help or what to do next. Maybe even thinking there is nothing to be done. This is a mistake many people make. However, a Rocklin auto accident attorney can help guide you through your claim and recover your expenses due to you.

Additionally, many people make the mistake that the insurance company will work on their behalf. However, in reality the insurance company will be working on the insurance company's behalf. So it is important to take the first step and secure the services of a Rocklin auto accident attorney so that the insurance company does not take advantage of you. It is in your best interest to obtain the highest settlement due to you, and most people do not have the negotiation skills, legal knowledge and time to deal with insurance companies. Insurance adjusters are trained to negotiate settlements for less than what the claim is worth. That is how the insurance company makes money. Unfortunately, it is a important that you must retain an attorney if you want full compensation. An Insurance Resource Council study (2004) found that people who retained an attorney received up to three times more compared to those who did not.

The Phillips Law Offices is a local litigation firm emphasizing car accident litigation. We know that a Rocklin auto accident can turn your life upside down in a split second. Who will pay for medical bills and any prescriptions, physical therapy, rehabilitation or extended treatments? Who will pay for the damage to your car, or replace it? What about missed work? What should you do if the insurance people call? What of the motorcycle collision resulted in permanent disability, brain injury or tragically, in a death? Where do you start and how you handle it all?

Compensation for a Rocklin Auto Accident
Compensation includes repairs to property damage, medical expenses and physical and psychological pain. Insurance adjusters usually use a formula to come up with a dollar amount of compensation.

An auto accident attorney is an important factor which may determine the outcome of your claim. Every claim is different, and must be evaluated on an individual basis, so the information provided here is for general informative purposes only, as it simplifies complex legal issues. It is not intended to be legal advice. For information about your specific claim, please contact an auto accident attorney to evaluate your situation.

As consumer justice attorneys, Phillips Law Offices is dedicated to assisting and fighting for individuals who have been injured, disabled or had a family member killed in all types of vehicle or pedestrian crashes in Placer County including Rocklin. We offer legal help and assistance in auto, truck, bus, motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian cases. We are a local firm emphasizing personal contact with our clients.

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