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Verbal Abuse

Verbal abuse is a form of improper behavior involving
the use of language.  It is a form of profanity and can
occur with or without the use of expletives.  Oral
communication is the most common form of verbal abuse,
however, it can include abusive words in written form.
Examples of verbal abuse include:

•        Words/phrases/actions in order to reject a
      resident or make the resident feel unimportant

•        Making unkind comments/saying unkind words
      about a resident's clothes, appearance, race,
      religion, or ethnicity

When a resident or patient of a nursing home,
residential care facility for the elderly or skilled nursing
facility is subjected to verbal abuse, their behavior and
demeanor can change. Possible indications that a
resident or patient has been subjected to verbal abuse

•        Agitation
•        Anger
•        Defensiveness
•        Denial
•        Non responsiveness
•        Hesitation to talk openly
•        Anxiety
•        Implausible stories
•        Confusion or disorientation
•        Fear
•        Withdrawal
•        Depression
•        Helplessness

Residents of care facilities have a right to be free from
verbal abuse. It is a matter of basic human dignity that
residents of care facilities are spoken to with respect by
medical professionals and staff members of nursing
home and other types of care facilities. When this basic
human right is violated, there may be legal recourse a
resident in a care facility can take against the facility.