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In residents with dementia, wandering is a common
behavior that causes great risk to the resident.  
Although it occurs with several types of dementia,
wandering is especially problematic in persons with
Alzheimer's disease.  This is because Alzheimer's
disease frequently produces impaired memory, and
persons with impaired memory are likely to become
disoriented and lost simply because they do not
recognize where they are or do not remember how they
came to be there.

Caring for nursing home residents or patients at skilled
nursing facilities with Alzheimer's disease or other forms
of dementia must be comprehensive. Each care facility
must not only meet its residents' personal and medical
needs, but must also have a protocol in place to prevent
its residents from wandering unsafely throughout its
facility, or off the property where they can face many
dangers of being in an unfamiliar environment in which
they are not mentally able to protect themselves.

When nursing homes and other care facilities fail to
prevent their residents from wandering unsafely
throughout the facility or even off property, the care
facility may be held legally accountable for any resulting
injury, or even death, which can occur.  If you or a loved
one experienced a wandering incident, you may be
entitled to compensation for any injury or death which
occurred as a result of the facility's negligence in failing
to prevent the wandering.