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DMV Administative Hearing Defense Lawyer

Thousands of California motorists have their driver’s licenses suspended by the Department of Motor Vehicles every year for a variety of reasons. These reasons range from DUI arrests, too many "points", being a negligent operator, failure to pay traffic tickets or child support, fatal and serious injury accidents, or suspensions for medical conditions. Although the DMV can’t suspend a driver’s license without a hearing, and the driver has certain rights, the process can be difficult for those not familiar with the procedure. The Phillips Law Offices have conducted thousands of DMV Administrative Per Se (APS) hearings and can help with yours.

Every DUI arrest, even for out-of-state drivers, will trigger California’s “Administrative Per Se" (APS) or “snatch and grab” license suspension law. A "Notice of Suspension" issued at the time of arrest by the police officer and only gives a driver just ten days to request an APS hearing and contest the suspension of their driver’s license. The hearings can be very complex and technical, and the issues are whether the driver was lawfully arrested, whether he was in fact the "driver", and whether he was above the legal limit at the time of driving. The APS hearing is a critical opportunity to show that the suspension or revocation is not justified, making it imperative to be represented by a lawyer who is knowledgeable about the DMV hearing process. It is always a good idea to schedule the hearing within the 10 days and immediately talk with a lawyer experienced in handling Administrative Per Se hearings. We invite you to contact us with any questions you may have about DMV license suspensions. Call us today at 530-265-0186