“I had always hoped that this land might become a safe and agreeable asylum to the virtuous and persecuted part of mankind, to whatever nation they might belong.”
— George Washington

Humanitarian Relief

Asylum may be granted to someone who can qualify as a refugee under the definition established by the Immigration and Naturalization Act (INA). Asylum/Withholding of removal; Temporary Protected Status (TPS); Victims of Crimes, Trafficking, or Battered Spouses; Humanitarian Parole Victims of Crimes, Trafficking, or Battered Spouses; NACARA (Nicaragua and Central American Relief Act); United Nations Convention Against Torture (CAT).

  • VAWA (Violence Against Women Act, I-360) for victims of domestic violence. Despite its name, women and men may qualify for benefits under VAWA relief.

  • Temporary Protective Status (TPS)

    • Affirmative filings and extensions with USCIS; and

    • Defensive filings in immigration court to prevent removal from the U.S.

  • Humanitarian Reinstatement of Form I-130 Family-based Immigration Petitions based on the petitioning relative’s death;

  • Asylum before USCIS and immigration court

  • Prosecutorial discretion

  • Humanitarian parole

  • U Visas for Victims of Certain Crimes.

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