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Our Story...

We started Phillips Law Offices injury law with a simple but radical idea. We were not interested in “the way things have always been done” in the legal profession. Instead, we care about what’s best for our clients.

We know you have a lot of choices in choosing your lawyer, but when it comes to choosing a law firm for an injury claim, bigger is not always better. Why? Traditional law firms use a business model with multiple levels of bureaucracy ( complete with expensive office space and oak conference rooms). Bloated with inefficiency and waste, lawyers spin their wheels, maximizing the "billable hour", using outdated technology, and terrible project management skills. Meanwhile, clients are left to talk to support staff because their lawyer is too busy playing catch-up, all the while disregarding the personal touch each client deserves.

We went in a different direction.

We embrace technology and innovation at every turn. We constantly ask how we can use new tools to improve our client’s experience. Truth be told, clients don’t care how much time and effort was required to generate their legal services. What they care about is the result they received and the experience they enjoyed (or endured) to receive it. So we borrow from disciplines like Agile project management to challenge the way law is traditionally practiced. Not from the top down, but client centered.

Basically, we built a better law firm.

An injury suffered in an accident is an unexpected, disruptive, and potentially life-altering occurrence. The law firm you choose will have a dramatic effect on what experience you have going forward. We take pride in listening to a new client’s challenges and concerns, counseling clients to deal with immediate problems, and creating a sound legal strategy for settlement and trial if necessary.

We have found our clients enjoy the accessibility, convenience, and collaboration of a client-centered relationship, as opposed to the impersonal feeling they would experience as one of hundreds of clients represented by attorneys at traditional high-volume firms.

By leveraging technology, our clients can work seamlessly with their attorney from anywhere, when it is convenient to them. With peace of mind a client can communicate directly with her individual injury attorney with encrypted  internet "bank grade" security. And we strive to deliver outstanding service in less time that other larger firms may take without ever losing the personal touch.

We look forward to helping you or a family member who has been injured and welcome you to call with any questions or concerns you may have at 530-265-0186.