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Your Criminal Case is Too Important to Risk Using the Wrong Lawyer…

If you or a family member is facing criminal charges of any kind, it’s important that you fight back with the same toughness that the government will bring. Although lots of lawyers claim to be aggressive, truth be told, most are not. Serious charges require lawyers with serious trial skills - plus lots of compassion, integrity, and understanding. James Granucci and Michael Phillips have been criminal defense attorneys for more than a quarter of a century each, and have successfully tried literally hundreds of jury trials, not to mention conducted thousands of court hearings. They both embody the firm's approach to criminal representation: A "stand up and fight" philosophy. Both James and Michael are proud they have never prosecuted people and believe in aggressively protecting the interests of their clients against overzealous prosecutors.

Cases We Handle

The criminal defense attorneys at the Phillips Law Offices have to experience and understanding to successfully handle all types of criminal charges. As skilled courtroom lawyers, we help clients with everything from drunk driving offenses to the most serious felonies. Often, we are retained when ‘local’ counsel lacks the experience to conduct the trail, especially on serious matters. While our client centered approach has led to countless trial victories, our primary strategic goal is always to persuade the prosecution to decline charging whenever possible and to secure pre-trial dismissals when ever possible. As Teddy Roosvelt said, “Don't hit at all if it is honorably possible to avoid hitting; but never hit soft!”

Our criminal defense lawyers bring high-intensity defense to represent clients charged with:

  • Violent crimes

  • Murder

  • Manslaughter

  • Drug-related crimes

  • Marijuana charges

  • Computer crimes

  • Theft & Embezzlement

  • Drunk driving or DUI matters

  • Criminal convictions & immigration issues



High Intensity Representation

While there are a lot of criminal defense attorneys to choose from, some just do DUI and minor scrapes with the law, others avoid difficult or “unsavory” charges all together. However, we specialize in serious charges. When everything is on the line, we’re the ones to trust. With offices in Nevada City and Sacramento, we accept cases in the Central Valley, Gold County, and Northern California.

We understand the simple fact sometimes in life, bad things happen to good people. Our typical firm client is an individual, often with no criminal record, who is accused of a "heat-of-passion" crime, controlled substances violation based on addiction, drunk driving situations or other major state felony. Our clients seek top tier criminal defense and we are acutely aware that the accused deserve the very best defense in order to protect their constitutional rights, to avoid jail and to preserve their record. Our highly experienced courtroom attorneys offer high-intensity representation utilizing excellent resources, including private investigators with law enforcement backgrounds, cutting edge forensic analysis and consultations with renowned experts when needed.

Areas We Serve

  • Amador County Criminal Defense

  • Butte County Criminal Defense

  • Calaveras County Criminal Defense

  • Colusa County Criminal Defense

  • Contra Costa County Criminal Defense

  • El Dorado County Criminal Defense

  • Glenn County Criminal Defense

  • Lassen County Criminal Defense

  • Merced County Criminal Defense

  • Nevada County Criminal Defense

  • Placer County Criminal Defense

  • Plumas County Criminal Defense

  • Sacramento County Criminal Defense

  • San Joaquin County Criminal Defense

  • Solano County Criminal Defense

  • Shasta County Criminal Defense

  • Stanislaus County Criminal Defense

  • Tehama County Criminal Defense

  • Yolo County Criminal Defense