Sex Offense Charges

Sex crimes allegations can devastate a person's entire life even before charges are filed. It has been said, "it is the deadliest accusation". If you, or a loved one, has been accused of sexual misconduct of any kind, you need a sex crimes attorney who understands how these accusations are made and how to defend them. If you want to find out what can be done for your situation, I'll be glad to privately talk with you. I know you will find my staff incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and willing to help. I am confident that you'll be impressed with my firm and what we will be able to do for you.

At The Phillips Law Offices, the goal is to prove innocence whenever possible, to seek treatment when appropriate, and to maintain fairness and
balance in the system. We defend against all sex crimes charges, including:

Penal Code 243.4 Sexual Battery
Penal Code 261.5 Statutory Rape
Penal Code 288 Lewd Acts with a Child
Penal Code 290 Failure to Register
Penal Code 311 Child Pornography
Penal Code 314 Indecent Exposure
Penal Code 647(a) Lewd Conduct in Public
Penal Code 647(b) Prostitution Solicitation
Penal Code 261 Rape
Penal Code 262 Drug induced rape
Penal Code 289 Sex Penetration
Sex Computer crimes
Sexual Violent Predator civil commitments