Motorcyclist on country road.

Motorcycle Accident Overview

Motorcyclists are at particular risk on roads and highways because drivers of other vehicles oftentimes fail to see motorcycles, yield the right-of-way to them, or share the road. Other factors, such as aggressive driving, distracted driving, inattention, fatigue, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol or even lack of experience play a part in motorcycle injuries or fatalities. If any of these factors are proved to be the cause of a crash that results in property damage or injury, the motorcyclist (or his/her family) may be entitled to compensation. Although motorcycles only account for only 1.1% of motor vehicles involved in traffic crashes (2009 NTSA facts), they account for a higher proportion of fatalities. For obvious reasons, they are more likely to die than other drivers of motor vehicles.

Motorcycle Accident FAQ's

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ATV Injuries and Accidents

 ATVs – also known as "quads" -- are very popular with adults and teens, both as a recreation vehicle as well as farm equipment. However, even when operated properly, ATVs can still lead to accidents and serious injuries. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission( CPSC), estimated that in 2015 alone, nearly 98,000 people received emergency room treatment for ATV-related injuries. More troubling, the growing demand for ATVs has caused a manufacturing frenzy among companies to build faster and more powerful machines. Sadly, some manufacturers have placed earnings over consumer safety by designing or manufacturing ATVs at minimal cost to the company, using inferior materials. Between 1996 and 2011, the CPSC issued 92 consumer product recall for ATVs manufactured by 21 companies. ATVs have been recalled for fire, crash, and loss of control hazards due to flaws in steering mechanisms, brakes, throttles, suspension systems, tires, and other design or manufacturing defects.

Motorcycle Accident Resources

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