Injured By A Drunk Driver Resources

AAA DUI Justice Link - Designed to provide information on and offer potential solutions to reduce drunk driving nationally.

Alcohol Interlocks: Taking Research to Practice - (2010) A symposium which dealt with the issue of drunk driving as a whole, and the success of interlock devices.

Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention - Primarily a guide for public health practitioners, it offers a set of questions to screen individuals for potential alcohol abuse, followed by intervention guidelines.

American Prosecutors Research Institute – Targeting Hardcore Impaired Drivers - Written to provide prosecutors with a basic understanding of drug pharmacology and testing.

California Office of Traffic Safety - Their mission is to administer traffic safety grants while fostering partnerships to deliver innovative programs that reduce traffic deaths, injuries, and economic losses.

Center for Alcohol Policy - Educates policymakers and the public about the unique issues surrounding alcohol.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) - Motor Vehicle Safety: License Plate Impoundment - Studies regarding the effectiveness of seizing license plates of drunk drivers.

DWI System Improvements for Dealing with Hard Core Drinking Drivers - Quick Reference Guide - Outlines the issues and solutions relating to inconsistencies in the justice system in dealing primarily with repeat offenders.

FBI Bulletin – Battling DUI: A Comparative Analysis of Checkpoints and Saturation Patrols

Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility - Works to eliminate drunk driving and underage drinking. Promotes responsible decision-making regarding beverage alcohol.

HORIZONTAL GAZE NYSTAGMUS: THE SCIENCE & THE LAW: A Resource Guide for Judges, Prosecutors and Law Enforcement - Deals with the common practice of one of the roadside tests that law enforcement uses on presumed drunk drivers.

Institute for Police Technology and Management (IPTM) - Provides cutting-edge training for law enforcement.

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety; Highway Loss Data Institute - Impaired Driving - Covers a wide range of research-based topics on impaired driving and crash risk.

Johns Hopkins University: Study - Ignition Interlock Laws Reduce Fatal Drunk Driving Crashes - (January 2017) Advocates for the use of ignition interlock devices on all, not just some, drunk driver offenders.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) - Victim Services - Resources for victims of drunk driving incidents.

National Center for DWI Courts - Provides training and assistance to communities to improve DWI court programs.

National Center for State Courts - An internet resource for state courts, providing research-based information in order to improve judicial administration.

National Drug Court Institute (NDCI)- Offers information to courts regarding the best practices to treat substance abuse and mental health offenders.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) – A Review of the Literature on the Effects of Low Doses of Alcohol on Driving-Related Skills

National Judicial College - Supports preserving and improving the rule of law.

NCSC – Ignition Interlock Device - (2003) How the ignition interlock device came to be used in sentencing drunk drivers.

NHTSA – Breath Test Refusals in DUI Enforcement - (2005) A comprehensive study and review of five states.

NHTSA – Driver Characteristics and Impairment at Various BACs - (2000) A study on the effects of alcohol impairment looking at age, gender, and drinking practices.

NHTSA – Drugs and Human Performance Fact Sheet - (2004) A panel of international experts analyzed developments in the field of drugs and human performance, and developed guidance for dealing with drug-impaired driving.

NHTSA - Drug Impaired Driving - Website that addresses current topics and trends.

NHTSA – Drug Impaired Driving Report to Congress - (2009) Comprehensive report on driving under the influence of drugs.

NHTSA - Drunk Driving - Website that addresses current topics and trends.

NHTSA – Effectiveness of the Ohio Action and Administrative License Suspension Laws - Looks into the effectiveness of two Ohio laws that suspended licenses of impaired drivers

NHTSA – Evaluation of Enhanced Sanctions for Higher BACs: Summary of States’ Laws - (2001) Report focusing on how well tougher penalties work with mainly first-time high-BAC offenders, and if this creates issues later.

NHTSA – Guide to Sentencing DWI Offenders - (2005) Includes specific sanctions and remedies, rehabilitation options for offenders sentenced to treatment, and a section on compliance.

NHTSA - National Roadside Survey of Alcohol and Drug Use By Drivers - (20013-14) Includes results of random roadside stops on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Both self-reporting and biological measures were assessed.

NHTSA – Saturation Patrol and Checkpoint Guide - (2002) A how-to guide for planning and publicizing impaired driving enforcement efforts.

NHTSA – State by State Analysis of Laws Dealing with Driving Under the Influence of Drugs - (2008) Conclusions are that states have many differences in dealing with drug-impaired driving, and that currents laws in many states make it difficult to convict impaired drivers.

NHTSA – State laws and practices for BAC testing after fatal crashes - (2004) Estimates show that about one-quarter of fatal crashes involved alcohol. This report seeks to identify the best practices for, and the barriers and problems that hinder, obtaining BAC data for drivers involved in fatal traffic crashes, and to provide recommendations for States that wish to improve their BAC testing and reporting.

NHTSA – Strategies for Addressing the DWI Offender: 10 Promising Sentencing Practices - (2005) Participants selected for their expertise around the U.S. created this document to reduce recidivism of driving under the influence. Each participant had positive results using these practices with both first-time and repeat offenders.

NHTSA Highway Safety Desk Book - Can no longer be downloaded for free, but this is a link to purchase on Amazon.

Sobriety Testing Resource Center and Drug Recognition Expert Data System - Website that provides comprehensive data about standardized field sobriety testing. It also provides training and certification for law enforcement.

Traffic Injury Research Foundation - Ignition Interlocks: From Research to Practice:  A Primer for Judges - A packet that comprehensive, manageable, and easily-accessible information on ignition interlock devices and why the courts should use them.

Traffic Injury Research Foundation – Alcohol Interlock Curriculum for Practitioners - Contains a variety of instructional materials that can assist agencies and organizations in educating their staff and members about alcohol ignition interlocks.

Traffic Injury Research Foundation – DWI System Improvements for Dealing with Hard Core Drinking Drivers: Prosecution - Underscores the need for system improvements by identifying key problems in the prosecution of DWI offenders and recommends practical solutions derived from prior research and validated by the experiences of several hundred prosecutors who participated in the project.

Traffic Injury Research Foundation – Transdermal Alcohol Monitoring Primer - Summarizes the research related to transdermal alcohol testing and the validity and reliability of this method.

Traffic Injury Research Foundation – Transdermal Alcohol Monitoring: A Practitioner’s Guide - Lays out the implementation process of using this technology, and the practical aspects from screening and assessment to fee collection and de-installation.

Traffic Injury Research Foundation - May 18, 2018 Ignition Interlock Symposium in Austin, Texas - Information on attending this conference.

Transportation Research E-Circular: Issues and Methods in the Detection of Alcohol and Other Drugs - Although published in September 2000, this symposium gives a good background on the difficulty of law enforcement identifying drugs and alcohol in a driver.