Personal Injury Overview

"Personal injury" is basically a term that refers to an entire group of injuries that happen to a person's body - not property. This also covers the mind and emotional state of a person. It helps to think of it as an umbrella over a whole host of injuries to the body, from dog bites to slipping and falling. The general categories found below cannot possibly cover the range of personal injuries, so we invite you to call our office with your questions at (530)265-0186

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Motor Vehicle Injury

 There is no such thing as a generic vehicle or pedestrian collision as every type of vehicle crash or pedestrian injury may have unique rules of fault and mechanics of injury. If the collision involved a big-rig or bus, there are federal laws in addition to state laws which must be considered, so it is important to find a road and highway injury attorney familiar with each type of claim. Also, almost every vehicle accident involves one or more insurance companies: car insurance, health insurance and possibly third party liability insurance. Coverage issues and exclusions can be very important in road and highway litigation.

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Injured by a Drunk or DUI Driver

When we think of people driving under the influence, we automatically think "drunk driving". Unfortunately, there is driving under the influence of drugs, as well. In 2016, one person every 50 minutes died by being hit by a drunk driver. Also that year, about one-third of traffic fatalities involved drivers with a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher (NHTSA). Speaking to a personal injury attorney can inform you of your options and protect your rights - particularly with insurance companies who prefer to settle you case quickly and for less than it is worth.

Man who has slipped and is falling on his back on a wet surface in a public space.

Slip and Fall Injury

Property can be "dangerous" for numerous reasons. Poor maintenance, inadequate lighting, building code violations, and dangerous clutter just to name a few. Property owners have certain obligations under local, state and federal laws. While these laws vary, the basic underlying fact of them is similar regardless of where you live: property owners have an obligation to keep their land and the buildings safe for a tenant, a shopper, or a personal or business visitor.


Dog Bite Injury Claims

If you or a family member has been involved in a dog bite incident, you probably have questions. Being bitten or attacked by a dog can be very traumatic and injuries can be serious. It is not uncommon that the dog or pet owner is defensive and does not want to provide any information from whether their dog is vaccinated, to insurance information to pay for emergency bills. Talking to an experienced injury lawyer can help provide answers fast and help you or the family member move forward. Speaking to a dog bite attorney can help you evaluate your options and understand your rights. At Phillips Law Offices, we can handle all of the communication with the dog owner and their insurance company giving you a measure of peace of mind.


Construction Site Accidents and Injuries

The Phillips Law Offices handles all aspects of cases involving workplace injuries including injuries which occur at construction sites. We can help navigate the sometimes complex recovery for these injuries as both state and federal laws can apply. Also, depending on the specific facts of the injury, a worker may be entitled to recovery under several legal remedies. If you have been injured while working at a construction site you may have a personal injury claim, a worker's compensation claim, or both. The Phillips Law Offices can help decide which is the best course of action to maximize financial recovery for the construction site accident for you and your family.

Wrongful Death Claims

The worst thing that can happen to a family is to have someone killed by another person's careless or intentional actions. Nothing can be done to bring a loved one back. However, you may have been dependent upon that loved one for financial support and, of course, companionship in your relationship. Some of the instances where a family may have a wrongful death claim is through motor vehicle wrecks, boating collisions, trucking accidents or dangerous products.